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Our 750 mL / 25 oz plastic water bottle is ideal for day hikes and packing light.

  • Bottle is BPA-free and 50% recycled plastic
  • *50% recycled plastic excludes Yonder™ Cap
  • 100% leakproof
  • 50% lighter than Rambler® Bottles
  • Compatible with Yonder™ Tether Cap and small Bottle Sling (both sold separately)


  • Non-insulated plastic design for a lightweight build
  • Strategically engineered to be both lightweight and shatter resistant
  • Yonder™ cap is 100% leakproof and provides quick sips through the spout or opens up wide for refills and washing
  • Lightweight bottle clips on for easy travel
  • Constructed with durable and safe BPA-free material
  • Dishwasher safe for efficient cleaning
  • Made of durable and safe BPA-free material featuring 50% recycled content (50% recycled content Excludes Yonder™ Cap)
  • Please note: Do not use this Yonder® Bottle and Cap with hot, or carbonated beverages or use as storage for food or perishables
  • Please note: The Yonder® Bottle may produce condensation