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Ski and Snowshoe Rentals Near Marquette, MI


Nothing says winter vacation quite like an outdoor recreational adventure. Whether you plan to ski cross country or snowshoe through the mountains, you can find the equipment you need from Wilderness Sports. Our variety of ski and snowshoe rentals for the Marquette, MI, area will give you everything you need for a great time.

Why Rent Your Equipment?

Winter activities are sure to bring loads of fun and joy to everyone involved, but buying expensive equipment for a large group or family can quickly put a damper on the excitement. Our affordable rental prices mean that everyone can participate in the activity and ensure you have all the equipment you need.

If you only cross country ski or snowshoe once or twice a year, buying your own equipment may not be worth the cost.

When you choose to rent from our convenient facility, you can spare the hassle and room needed to pack all your equipment. Packing skis or snowshoes for multiple people can quickly eat away space in your vehicle, leaving less room for luggage or food items. Plus, keeping track of all the equipment before and during the vacation can take away from the relaxation you should experience.

Our snowshoe and ski rentals are convenient and easy to reserve, so you never have to worry about forgetting equipment or running out of space to pack it.

Why Rent From Us?

We make it a point to have everything you need for outdoor adventures. We offer snowshoes, cross country skis, and all the accessories you need to participate in those activities. Plus, our rentals are affordable to accommodate every vacationer's budget.

All you have to do to reserve your outdoor snow equipment is click below. Or if you have questions about our rental options, give us a call today at 906-485-4565 or e-mail


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