Vexilar FLx-12 SE Genz Pack Sonar System

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So you wanna step up your ice fishing game??

First off, it is good to know that a Vexilar is the leading brand in three color flasher sonar technology. They invented it, perfected it and make the most reliable sonar systems in the world. Did you know for example that Vexilar has less than one tenth of one percent unit fail in the first two years of ownership? Did you also know that every Vexilar pack is assembled and tested in their factory in Minneapolis prior to shipment? The life expectancy of your purchase is at least 10 years, so this is not some gimmick or fad, it is the ultimate tool to improve your winter fishing success. A Vexilars re-sale value is so high, you should expect to sell it at a nearly the same price you paid for it in five years! What a product!

Buying a Vexilar is easy if you break the parts down and take a few minutes to ask yourself a few basic questions. Vexilar has only four units to choose from so buying a Vexilar is easy if you ask yourself these three questions:

How deep do you most often winter fish?
What species are you after?
Do you find yourself fishing more than one lake over the course of a season?

Three-color LED readout with 1" auto-zoom target ID
Five depth scales to 200 ft.
400-watts peak-to-peak power
FL-8SE has a 19° transducer and three-color LED readout with 1" auto-zoom target ID. It features five depth scales to 200 ft. Strong 400-watts peak-to-peak power. The unit comes with a Genz Pack that includes sonar, cable compartment, built-in transducer holder and easy-access battery compartment. Pre-drilled for optional Vexilar accessories. Fits in 5-gallon bucket. 7-amp, 12-volt battery and charger. Two-year warranty.