UA Soccer Mouthguard

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Designed specifically for Soccer, the UA Soccer mouthguard offers a low-profile design that is easy to breathe and talk without sacrificing protection. ArmourFit technology molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable, custom-like fit. This material is also hydrophobic, so it will not absorb water and will not deteriorate. Features a low-profile design, so it is easy to breathe and talk for improved performance. Easy boil and bite or microwaveable. Easy to refit as needed. •Adult (11+) size
•Yellow UA logo
•Highly Chew-Resistant
•Dentist-like fit
•Easy breathe/ easy talk
•Latex Free
•Meets NFHS Rules
•Not for use with braces
•Proudly made in the USA
•$32,000 Dental Warranty