Kurgo Dog Townie Harness

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Getting your dog in and out of her harness doesn’t get much easier than the RSG Townie Harness, with its single-buckle design. Lightweight and simple in the extreme, it’s the harness for dogs and their parents who see every snap, clip, and strap as a barrier to fun. But simplicity doesn’t mean sacrificing strength. The Townie stands up to even the strongest dogs and their ambitious adventures. And with the MOLLE-compatible design, you can easily attach everything from an RSG Hydration Flask to Panniers, and you’re off in the flash.

Recommended Accessories

RSG Pack Pannier : The RSG Pack Pannier turns your Townie Harness into a pack for day or weekend trips. You can add one or two depending on your packing needs.

RSG First Aid Kit : If you own a dog, you should own a first aid kit. The RSG First Aid Kit is the perfect companion to your Townie Harness. The 49- piece kit includes a Pet First Aid Guide.

RSG Hydration Flask : MOLLE-compatible hydration flask to keep your dog hydrated on your next outing. Holds 12 oz. of water. 

RSG YORM Treat Bag : Short for "You or Me", you'll be able to reward your dog for every bit of good behavior. The bag can hold a standard 12 oz. can.