Disc Golf Midrange Putters in Marquette, MI

Want to have the best disc golf game you can? Make sure you have the right midrange discs and putters. At Wilderness Sports near Marquette, MI, we offer disc golf putters that will go where you want them to go.

We Provide the Best in Disc Golf Putters

Do you want a disc golf putter that flies straight and true or that is ideal for both short drives and controlled shots straight to the basket? If so, you’ll find what you want here.

For example, the XT Colt Putter is an ideal choice for short to medium drives, as well as accurate approaches. It is available in different plastics such as Champion, R-Pro, and DX.

Perhaps the Aviar Putter is more to your liking. This yellow or green disc golf putter is also good for short to medium drives and is accurate on approach.

If you like mid-range discs better, we offer a wide range of those. Offering more speed than other putters, mid-range discs are great for controlled, stable flights. From the neon green Big Z Buzzz midrange to the bright orange Z Line Buzzz midrange, you’ll find the disc golf midrange putters you want for a quality and fun disc golf game.

We Help You Find What You’re Looking For

Not sure what you want for disc golf? Whether you’re a beginner or want to try out a new disc, rely on us to help you. We’ll go over your goals, techniques, and expertise level for disc golf and recommend a disc golf putter that’s ideal for you.

We welcome people of all ages and disc golf levels into our store. We do ask that you wear masks due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever your specific wants and needs are for disc golf, visit our store, see our online disc golf discs, or call us at (906) 485-4565 to learn more.