Vexilar Fish-Scout Underwater Viewing System with Infrared Light

Vexilar Fish-Scout Underwater Viewing System with Infrared Light

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So you wanna step up your ice fishing game?? 


The Vexilar Fish Scout FS800IR Underwater Camera system comes fully assembled and ready for the water right out of the box! The complete underwater viewing system consists of a color/ black-and-white camera, a 7-inch color LCD monitor, a rugged carrying case with an enclosed 12 volt - 9 amp hour battery, a 1 amp digital charger, and a protective soft pack carrying case. Vexilar's two-year warranty is standard. Everything from the camera to the monitor is designed to operate for over nine hours on a single battery charge from the specialized energy-efficient battery power management system! Learn about the underwater world of your favorite fishing lake or river with the Vexilar Fish Scout FS800IR Underwater Camera!

  • Color LCD 7 in. water resistant, wide-screen monitor
  • CMOS color camera with black and white low light option
  • Waterproof camera to monitor connection
  • Enclosed battery compartment with Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery. Includes the fully automatic V-410 1 amp charger
  • Master on/off switch
  • Pre-wired with easy-charge jack connector
  • Durable soft pack carrying case with padded front panel to protect monitor. Also has rear access to battery and master power control
  • ABS internal frame is tough and durable
  • Easy store cable pouch holds 90 feet of super thin cable on a spool with handle. Depth marked every foot.
  • Piggyback the cable pouch so you can fit the whole system into a five gallon bucket
  • Adjustable support elbow arm for mounting camera near system
  • Includes independent, over-hole suspension arm for mounting camera away from the system
  • Standard 2-year warranty from Vexilar

Technical Specifications


    • 7 inch 16:9 widescreen LCD monitor
    • Automatic light adjustment
    • Operating range of - 22 F to 150 F with automatic monitor warming technology
    • Monitor resolution: 800 x 480 (W x H)
    • a-SI TFT active matrix display
    • Video Out option


  • 1/3 inch CMOS color/B&W sensor - switches automatically
  • Auto Gain control
  • Lux: Color 0.4, B&W 0.07
  • 90 degree viewing angle
  • 600 lines of resolution
  • 90 ft. cable length - depth marked every foot
  • Two high intensity LED infrared lights on camera
  • Multi-chamber waterproof camera housing with internal directional lights
  • Add tail fin for use while trolling (fin supplied)